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<p>Global Payment Processing For Prison Phone Call Services <p>Spread the word about us <p>We provide billing for Prepaid Jail Call Services <p>We provide expert support and empowerment to expand relationships.
  • Consultant

    Virtual Phone Numbers

    Our products makes staying connected with your inmate easy and affordable from our VoIP phone systems,

  • Strategy

    Prepaid Phone Services

    We offers a secure and affordable solution by providing customers with local telephone numbers near the facilities where their loved ones are located thus greatly reducing the cost. 

  • Optimization

    Social Media Optimization

    The more people that utilize our services The more everyone saves at it reduces costs

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    VOIP Development

    Voice Over IP Technology to help reduce prison phone calls.

  • About EBRANDPLUS (Jail Call Billing Service)

    Our goal is simple. Help you communicate better in your work and your life. Consumer Ebrandplus's family of products addresses the concerns of consumers around the world; whether it's texting or talking we have a solution for you. For instance, Ebrandplus gives you the opportunity to turn save on jail calls by reducing costly phone bills. We also have a product that helps the families of inmates who were once forced to pay outdated long distance phone rates. JailCallsUSA.com /ColdCribCommunications.com / PrisonerConnect.com /JailJack.com helps thousands of families members stay connected by offering a secure and affordable phone service. The call quality on all of our products is 100% pure digital with a warm clear sound. We invite you to check out all of our services and products:

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